We are committed!


Niebuhr Gears is certified to the international quality standard ISO 9001. This means we are obliged to observe a number of guidelines on customer satisfaction, quality, improvement measures, supplier management, innovation and product development.

For us, ISO 9001 certification is not just a piece of paper, but an active element in our everyday processes. We are making a considerable effort to be proactive in the above mentioned parameters and are using it as a valuable tool across the organization – and in our factories in Denmark and China.

Within Niebuhr Gears, we aim to deal with each other on a “customer-to-customer” basis, where one department/function passes a product or semi-finished product to the next department/function, creating a strong, total value chain throughout the company.

Our internal processes – and our related documentation – are important for our customers, who experience transparency in all parts of the company. For Niebuhr Gears, ISO 9001 certification helps to maintain a trusting relationship between departments – and between Niebuhr Gears and each customer.

ISO 9001 certificate - Ikast & Tianjin


As a leading global supplier of gears, Niebuhr Gears aims to minimise our environmental footprint.

Niebuhr Gears undertakes to follow national, regional and local environmental laws and regulations.

Every employee of Niebuhr Gears shares our goal of maintaining our ISO14001 certification and striving for continuous improvements in this area.

At Niebuhr Gears A/S, we recognize that we have a shared responsibility to protect the environment.

We have therefore chosen to be certified according to ISO14001 with DNV-GL, and we are committed to assessing the environment on an equal footing with all the other parameters in our business.

Certification is ongoing throughout 2019. Our Chinese factory was the first step on the journey, and we are now ISO 14001 certified in China. Our Danish factories will follow and be ISO14001 certified in Q4 2019.

ISO 14001 certifikat - Ikast 
ISO 14001 certifikat - Tianjin