Vestas Wind Systems



Niebuhr Gears has been supplying gears for yaw systems made by Vestas Wind Systems for more than 40 years. We have therefore been a part of this Danish industrial adventure ever since Vestas produced the first wind turbine in 1979.

Over the years, Vestas has taken a key position in the field of technical development. Wind turbines have quite simply not stopped growing in size – from initially supplying about 50 kW, today they provide several MW. At the same time, turbines have become much more competitive financially compared with other energy sources.

Niebuhr Gears has supplied thousands of gears for the yaw system on Vestas wind turbines and for nacelle factories all over the world. We supply the large yaw rims with a diameter of up to five meters. They form part of the overall turbine yaw system, where the nacelle and rotor correct themselves automatically according to changes in wind direction.

Niebuhr Gears has gained many years of experience in manufacturing gears for the yaw systems in Vestas wind turbines. We have gradually developed our expertise in this area and the ability to supply fully documented, high quality products every time.

In order to meet the requirements of Vestas and others, in 2010 Niebuhr Gears established a factory in China so we could produce yaw system gears closer to the American and Asian markets – and the Chinese production perfectly matches our Danish quality standards.

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